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We can answer all your questions about the possibilities of smart home technology in your home.

You may have heard someone talking about unlocking their front door for the dog walker while they were away on business. Or perhaps you have been in someone’s home where they can control their TV or their lights with voice commands. You may be curious about smart home technology and how it could benefit you and your household. If you are ready to learn more about smart home technology, reach out to us at Sand Valley. We have years of experience with smart home technology and the low voltage electrical wiring that makes it possible.

Smart Home Technology in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Here are just a few of the ways that smart home technology can change how your home functions:

  • Adjusting the thermostat- Turn your heat down when you aren’t at home and turn it up before you get home. Save money on your utility bills and easily control your thermostat from your phone.
  • Turning lights on and off- While traveling, make it look as if you are home by turning lights on and off. You can even turn on your porch light when you are on your way home.
  • Control your TV or stereo by voice command- Change the channel. Turn up the volume on your favorite song. There are tons of possibilities.
  • Monitor your security from anywhere- See who is at your front door (and even talk to them) even when you are not home. Check on the status of your property with your cameras.

We can help you choose smart home technology, answer your questions, and complete your installation. Call today to set up an appointment at your home in Pembroke Pines, Florida.